Barbra Best

Contemporary Romance Writer

Who am I?

The writing bug bit me for the first time when I was twelve years old. I wrote for many years, nothing really constructive, just blabbering on paper by a young teenager.  

Life changed who I was and I took on a huge responsibility that caused me to put my life and writing on hold. I will never regret taking on that responsibility.

I dusted off the typewriter again in the early eighties when I began to the first of which will be Book One of the Rock Star Records scheduled for release soon.  

Once again, I put my writing aside (fear and life changes will kill your creativity).

In 1987, my world turned upside down due to personal circumstances and I had to leave my precious New York and now live in Miami, Florida. 

 In 2007, I joined The Next Big Writer, an online writer's group. I posted the Prologue and the first chapter to what was then titled Forbidden Fruit and I received a lot of criticism but also a lot of encouragement.  I met my editor and friend, Janet Taylor-Perry on the site. 

I combined writing with the second love of my life - music. Rise of a Rock Star was published June 1, 2019. Coming soon - Requiem for a Rock Star, Book 2 of the Rock Star Records.


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